Friday, November 20, 2009

Narrative Writing

This term we are learning to write narrative stories. Our success criteria for our stories are:

Include who, where and when at the beginning of our story.
Write about a problem in the middle of the story
Explain how the problem is solved at the end.
Use adjectives to make our story interesting

Check out some of the stories we have written. Sally said that we had to write about a baby koura like the one that we saw when visited the Brook Sanctuary.

Once upon a time there lived a koura. The problem was he got stuck in a shark. The shark saw a fish. The shark opened his mouth. The koura got out and got home quickly. His Mum was so pleased to see him. Ta'a-Marie

In the calm stream there was a koura. It got washed down stream. It wanted to go up stream but it couldn't. Then came a turtle and the turtle pushed the koura upstream. Kendra

A koura went hunting and the koura got eaten by a whale. The whale said sorry so he burped him out. Joel

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