Saturday, September 19, 2009

What a week!

Week 9 Action on PhotoPeach

Wow what a week we've had. We have had an action packed week in Room 12. On Thursday we were lucky enough to be invited to watch a performance by the junior classes from Te Pouahi. They put on a dress rehearsal for us of their performance for the Kapahaka Competitions. On Thursday we also made moouse as part of our instruction writing. Throughout the week we have kept working on our masks ready for the Mask Parade at the end of the first week of Term 4. On Friday to wrap the week up we had a folk dancing demonstration. We did a dress rehearsal for our buddy classes and then we did our main performance to our parents. At the end of our performance we had our parents and buddies come and join us for the birdy dance!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Today Sally told us all to bring along our favourite teddy for Maths. We have just started a topic on measurement and today we were learning all about length and the keywords short and tall. To begin with we got in small groups and we had to arrange our teddies from shortest to tallest. Some of the groups really had to think carefully and use their co-operative skills as some of the teddies were about the same height. After this we had to measure our teddy bears using multilink cubes. Max and Sofie's teddies were the tallest because they were 21 cubes tall. Amber's teddy was the shortest because it was only 5 cubes tall. Tomorrow we are going to measure Sally's huge teddy (he's in the middle of the photo). I wonder how many cubes tall he will be?

Ordering our teddies from shortest to tallest

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ronald McDonald visits!

Today we had a very special visitor to our school. We had no idea why Sally was taking us to the hall, then suddenly Ronald McDonald appeared!! He spoke to us about road safety. We learnt that we need to stop, look and listen when we are crossing the road. He also talked about being safe around driveways and wearing seat belts when we are in the car.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

John Bevan Ford!

On Tuesday we went to the Suter Art Gallery. We visted the John Bevan Ford Exhibition. We made a colourful bird. We had to draw patterns like John Bevan Ford on our manu (bird). We also got to make a huge puzzle of one of John's artworks. The puzzle was as big as one of our big tables in our classroom. We even did Maths there because we had to count all the birds in the room. There were over 100 birds!
Written with help by Sofie and Nikkita

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rights for Everyone!

This term we have been thinking about rights for everyone. We have particularly thought about the rights of those with disabilities. As part of the last stage in our inquiry model we had to communicate with others all the things that made Nelson Central School disable friendly and things that didn't make Nelson Central disable friendly. We also had to come up with new ideas that would make Nelson Central even more disable friendly. We have made a movie to communicate this with others. Sally showed us about story boarding and then with Sally's help we planned out our movie. It was also very exciting because Sally and Tania taught us how to take little movies using the digital camera. Check out the movie below!