Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Iron Bryon

Last week we were lucky enough to have Iron Bryon come to visit Nelson Central School. He taught about the four main food groups. They are 'Meat or Meat Alternatives', 'Fruit and Vegetables', 'Milk and Dairy Products' and finally 'Breads and Cereals'. Iron Bryon also had a dance competition. Sofie and Fin from our class won the best boy and girl dance competition. Way to go Sophie and Fin! At the end they gave us a very yummy hamburger.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Mask Parade

Mask Parade on PhotoPeach

Tonight we went in the Nelson Mask Parade. This year the theme was global spirit. At Nelson Central each class chose a different country to represent. We joined with Room 11 and represented Cambodia. We spent quite a few weeks making our masks. We did lots of painting and gluing of sparkly bits onto our masks.

Some of us were a little bit nervous before the parade but by the end we decided that we had had lots of fun. When we were marching in the parade we all sung the chorus from Bob Marley's song "One love, one heart" Room 2 and lots of parents provided the music for us. It was really neat when people were cheering and clapping for us. Now we just have to wait for another two years until we are in the mask parade again!

Please check back on Tuesday for a video from the mask parade

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kelly Sports

On Tuesday we were lucky enough to have Katelyn and Bryce come from Kelly Sports to do a sports demonstration with us. Read the stories we wrote about it below.

Today we did Kelly Sports. We lined up then played soccer, then we played basketball. It was fun. Akira

Today we went to Kelly Sports. Their names are Katelyn and Bryce. My favourite was getting the stickers at the end. Amber

Kelly Sports was fun because we got a sticker and it was lots of fun. Joel

Today I went to Kelly Sports. It was fun because Bryce was there. He was funny. It was so much fun. Becky

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Gingerbread Men

To celebrate the end of our latest inquiry topic on fairy tales and citizenship along with the end of the term we made Gingerbread men. On Thursday we made up the mixture with Sally. We realised how important some of the things we had been learning in class are for real life. We had been learning all about instructions. When we made the mixture and we had to follow instructions so the mixture would turn out alright. We had also been learning about both fractions and measurement in Maths. We saw how important these are in baking. Kelly, Charlie's Mum then helped us cut the gingerbread men out. On Friday Sally brought the cooked gingerbread men back to school and we got to decorate them with icing and pebbles. Last of all, we got to eat them! They were yum!