Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas Stories

This week we wrote Christmas stories to enter into the Eyebright Christmas Story. We brainstormed lots of different possible characters and settings and then we wrote our stories. We all hope that we might win a prize.

Ch, ch, ch, ch, ch went the sleigh. “Oh, oh, oh, oh” said Santa. “My sleigh is running out of petrol and there is no petrol because the place is covered with snow.” But a little fairy came and with her power she made a petrol station. Santa delivered the presents and they all lived happily ever after. Sofie

Pitter patter went the rain on the rooftop at Santa’s workshop. Santa wanted to make a sleigh but he didn’t know how to make it and he had never built one before. He asked one of his elves to build it for him but they said no. He asked another one but they said no, they were too busy. Then he asked another elf and he said yes so they got to work and there it was the sleigh. He was so amazed, “I can not believe it” he said. He filled it up with presents and delivered the presents to the children. Ta’a-Marie

The elves worked and worked. Finally Santa Clause had an announcement. He told all of the elves to stop working. They had to go in a line to meet new people. Santa was getting sick of all the noise form their hammering. The elves didn’t know what to do. They all went to new houses but they didn’t like them so they were sad. Finally they all found a house with nice people. Santa was sad, so he called the elves back and they all lived happily ever after. Josephine.

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